Vincent Loose

President and Chief Executive Officer
Photo of Vincent Loose

Vince Loose, the president and CEO of SourceAmerica, is a seasoned entrepreneur with proven experience fostering and building relationships with public and private sector organizations. He is adept at meeting business needs with mission-driven solutions and brings to SourceAmerica a unique blend of business development, operations, government contracting, and program and project management expertise.

Prior to joining SourceAmerica, Vince was president and CEO of UniqueSource® Products & Services, a Pennsylvania-based sales, marketing and program management organization that works with nonprofits that create employment opportunities for over 3,000 Pennsylvania professionals with disabilities. Vince currently serves as a director for the State Use Program Association (SUPRA) in Austin, Texas. He resigned his role as president and board chair of SUPRA upon joining SourceAmerica. Vince was appointed by Governor Wolf of Pennsylvania to serve as a member of the commonwealth's Employment First Oversight Commission, and he serves on the board of directors of the Pennsylvania Association for the Blind. An advocate and innovator, he leverages his extensive experience in the private sector, including his tenure as a principal at Glenhaven Consulting, Deloitte Consulting, and IBM Global Services and as vice president of BDM, to effect meaningful and measurable change on behalf of people with disabilities. 

Vince holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Albright College, where he graduated with a dual major in Business Economics and Computer Science. For ten years, he was a Certified Project Management Professional, and he is a graduate of a community leadership program from the Harrisburg area.